As approved by the WP&CS UK, the WP&CS Australia is the official society for Welsh Ponies and Cobs in Australia, maintaining an accurate studbook to preserve the breed.


As a member of the Society some of the many benefits are:

  • Efficient and friendly services provided by the National Office
  • An on-line studbook available to all members for research and general interest
  • 4 copies of the Action Magazine per year including post
  • A copy of the Society Journal annually including post (full members)
  • Promotion of the breed using magazines and electronic medias, increasing the popularity of the breed which in turn, assists with sales
  • Various awards and competitions, including a Youth Encouragement Program (Junior club, Young Peoples Group, National and State Junior Judging), ARC (Australian Welsh & Part Welsh Ridden Championships, Sires Ratings, Achievers Awards, the Performance Competition, the Dinah Creswick Breeders Trophy.
  • Numerous and varied events throughout Australia, providing opportunities to exhibit under international and Australian accredited judges
  • A National Conference with qualify guest speakers and social events, local seminars and educational events
  • A shared love and enjoyment of the breed, and long lasting friendships

The Welsh Pony and Cob Society of Australia offer three levels of membership.

The membership year is from July 1st to June 30th.

LIFE ($1,400.00)

Entitled to receive four editions of Action Publication per year and the Annual Journal for the year of joining when published and released in June each year.
Entitled to transfer animals into their name, show ponies, register animals/prefix and brands and have full voting rights (one vote per membership).

A life membership is only eligible to be held in the nominee name and restricted to an individual person not including companies, partnerships or firms. (Not transferable)


The life membership is a one-off fee – however there is an additional annual fee for postage of the Action publications, as per ordinary overseas memberships. Refer to the membership form for further details regarding fees associated with overseas postage charges.

FULL MEMBERSHIP $110.00 per annum

Entitled to receive four editions of Action Publication per year and the Annual Journal for the year of joining when published and released in June each year.
Entitled to transfer animals into their name, show ponies, register animals/prefix and brand and have full voting rights (one vote per membership).


Entitled to receive four editions of Action Publication per year.

Entitled to transfer animals into their name and show ponies but cannot register animals/prefix & brand and have no voting rights.

ADDITIONAL MEMBERS – $20.00 per adult member

A fee of $20.00 (inc. GST) each is payable for any additional adult persons (above the initial two adult
members) who wish to be included in a membership. Any additional persons are restricted to immediate family members (husband, wife, partner, child) aged 18 years and over.


This is not a membership but is an agreement which entitles joint ownership of a pony/cob between two current individual financial members of the Society. It specifies percentage of ownership and other relevant details.
Both members must be financial in their own rights to apply for a joint ownership.

FAMILY (no additional fee) – we do not have a family membership as such

Two adults may be included in the fee for the membership type applied for. The two adults must be from the same immediate family (husband, wife, partner, child) and aged 18 years and over.

The insurance waiver must be signed by all members attached to the membership form, if the member is under the age of 18 the waiver section must be signed by the Parent or Guardian of the membership.

The nominee is a person responsible for signing any society documentation and is the member with voting rights (full membership only) of the membership and must be over 18 years of age.


are able to subscribe to the JUNIOR CLUB or YOUNG PEOPLE’S GROUP, which are part of the YOUTH ENCOURAGEMENT PROGAM. More information and subscription forms can be found on the Youth page.



Step 1 – Fill out the new membership application form and select the type of membership you would like.

Step 2 – post or email to the WP&CS Australia National Office

Step 3 – New applications are to be approved by the COM; this can take 2 weeks.

No Pony transfers or Registrations can be processed until your membership is approved. If you are joining the society and is transferring a pony, you can send them both in together and once the memberships is approved, the transfer will be done. Additional fees apply for transfers.

Step 4 – Once completed and approved your membership kit will be emailed to you, which includes your membership card, and if you have a transfer attached the registration certificate will be posted at the same time. We allow about a week for it to be received by the member.



Membership renewals are included with the Winter edition of Action or available to download here.

Renewals and information updates can also be done online, by logging in using your membership number. This can only be done if we have your current email address.



No, the membership year is from the 1st July to the 30th June. (Financial year)

However, if you join as a NEW Member and join on or after the April 15th meeting your membership will be valid through to the end of the following financial year. (Effectively 2 months FREE).

You will still be recorded on the system but noted as un financial. You are required to renew and update your membership details as per the renewal of membership form along with payment.

Your Membership Number will stay the same as it was previously.

The Nominee is the person who is able to signs all paperwork that is forwarded to the Office.

All applications for alterations of names must be made on the renewal of membership form and signed by the Nominee along with copies of legal documents such as Marriage/ death Certificates.

For security reasons any change of details must be made in writing to the Office for updating on the records.

These changes MUST be clearly noted with the old and new details, member number and signature. You can also email the Society as long as the email address matches the one on our records.

There is no fee to update addresses or contact details.

If the nominee name is to change a letter is required asking for the change to be processed with the current nominee’s signature, the new nominee’s signature and this letter must be dated.



This section is for insurance purposes, it is imperative to be signed for insurance cover to be active at shows/events conducted by the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of Australia Inc.

If any of the persons on the membership are minors (under the age of 18 years), the waiver section should be signed by the Guardian / Nominee.

Once activated on the membership, the names of those people on the membership covered by the insurance waiver will print out on the membership card.

Your membership insurance will not be VALID it the waiver is not signed. A membership card will not be issued.

To activate members in the waiver section, submit another membership form SIGNED in the waiver section, noting the membership number. There is no charge for this amendment.

As the pony registration certificate is classed as a Legal Document, the Society must have copies of any claim to rights of ownership of the pony’s papers or for beneficiaries to be placed on the membership to enable transfer/sales of ponies.

Send Information of the Solicitors details with whom you are dealing with, including a copy of the WILL stating you are the beneficiary & recipient of the ponies recorded with the Society or a copy of the Power of Attorney, giving you the rights to sign on behalf of the Society’s recorded member to enable the sale of Ponies to occur.